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PSST World

Schools in the Fort Vermilion School Division are proud to launch a new cutting-edge school safety program called PSSTWorld which is an Online Anonymous Reporting Tool for Students. PSST stands for Promoting Safer Schools Together and is a K-12 resource. is a web-based platform that is accessible from any browser or device that can connect to the internet.

The program encourages student participation as a core factor in the improvement of school safety and culture. Giving students a mechanism to do the right thing and let an adult know about something concerning they’ve seen or heard, in an anonymous and safe way, has demonstrated time and time again to be a successful strategy. 

The PSSTWorld Report It Now! Button has been placed on each individual school website and our school district website so that students can easily find it. Once clicked, students, school staff, parents, and community members can fill out the sequence of questions with information that they have seen, heard or experienced and submit it directly & anonymously (if desired) to school district safety staff. Reporters also have the ability to upload or attach screenshots or pictures of what they have seen.

Individuals can report witnessed or suspected dangerous school incidents such as: bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, abuse, drugs/weapons/gang crime, mental health concerns, suicidal thoughts, vandalism, and potential for school attacks directly to district safety officials. School district safety staff will then work with school administrators to follow up on the tip as soon as possible in a confidential, safe, and tactful manner.

The result is an improved potential for early conflict prevention, intervention and efficient resolution. Bystander and victimized students are empowered to act. Student offenders are deterred. Students, staff, administration and caregivers now have a safe (anonymous, if necessary), organized and popularized mode of action for reporting dangerous school incidents and concerns.

We encourage you to speak to your children about the importance of respecting themselves and others. Make sure to explain the key difference between “telling” and “tattling” and the purpose of the tool is to get themselves or their friends OUT of trouble and not IN to trouble. Encourage your kids to talk to you about problems at school and be sure that they know they can now easily report safety concerns. Together, we can minimize any and all forms of bullying, abuse and violence in our schools.



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