Principal's Message

So many amazing things happen each and every day in schools that it is sometimes difficult to stop and celebrate all that is accomplished. We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful student body who put their collective efforts into making our school a special place to be. Whether its sports, fundraising, movies, poetry, art work, short stories, student council, clubs or special events our students really do work to make us a very special school. Their efforts combined with those of parents, community and staff are ultimately what makes us unique and leads our students on to success.

It is important to remember that success looks different for different people. For some it is best seen in academic performance. For others, in their efforts at sports or in their jobs or other areas. Whatever the individual case may be collectively, we can all help one another achieve that success.

Thank you for all that you contribute to our students, be you a member of the community, a parent, family or school staff; you truly do help make a difference to our Rocky Lane students each and every day.


Kevin Crosby